Thursday, May 1, 2014

Inter Unit First Aid Competition 2014

On the 25th April until 27th April, our school unit had sent a team to join the Inter Unit First Aid Competition. The team members are :

No.1 : Chiong Sui Thai
No.2 : Chan Mae
No.3 : Sharon Hii
No.4 : Vincent Sia 
No.5 : Siaw Ja Haw

The team managed to be crowned as the second runner up in the competition. Unfortunately, we did not manage to get any best in any of the category.

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude towards our teachers, ex-seniors, seniors and members who supported us since the starting of our training. We are definitely grateful  for your sacrifices to help us out and support us during the competition. We will never forget what you guys had done for us and we appreciate it. As a matter of fact, this competition is a motivation for us and our batch to strive harder for the upcoming competitions. We will try our very best to not let everyone down! 

Here are some photos from our trainings and the competition :

During quiz bee.

Having our dinner cooked by our senior James 

Supportive member, Wong Sin Kuok :)

The night before CBTT, cross! 

Training, training, training

Supportive friends outside RC, supportive members in RC as well 

Our ex senior and senior who have helped us out a lot too :)

Senior Soo and Jing Kwong, too, who have helped us a lot 

Second runner up :)

A photo with the ever so awesome, Dr. Subra!

Form 4 batch 

Seniors and form 4 batch

Our trophies :)

The results for all categories.

Before ending the post, here's the video of our Bandaging and Immobilising Relay :)

That marks the end of IUFAC 2014! SJRC members let's strive harder for the upcoming activities! 

SJRC fight fight fight! :D